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1. Why American Bulldog?
Looked for a not average behaved and looking dog.
2.What are the biggest challenges that your kennel must face ?

Actually only one thing: keep a good old spoiled age for our retired dogs. Haha. Seriously, we should get some new impulse for keeping it up! I heard from a member of our team who is a true and passionate working competitor, that they successes have taken only haters, however in the beginning it was supposed to be a great hobby, activity. Everybody must face of it!
3.What are the biggest mistakes that a beginner in this field can make ?

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1.Why Old White English ?
The OWE is what I grew up with. My family has raised the same bloodline since the late 1800s and they are all I’ve ever known. They are the very first dogs I can ever remember seeing and being around and despite having had other breeds over the years, I always return to what I know best, the OWE.
2.What are the biggest challenges that your kennel must face ?
I don’t really consider myself as being a kennel, as I rarely breed.

Despre carbohidrati

Posted: 29 august 2014 by flaviusogor in american bulldog

 Carbohidratii sunt substante organice naturale care contin carbon,hidrogen si oxigen.Se impart in doua tipuri : Carbohidrati simpli care sunt molecule mici si reprezinta cea mai rapida sursa de energie si au ca principal furnizor zaharul.Carbohidratii complecsi sunt molecule mai mari cu eliberare lenta in organism,se gasesc in orez ,porumb,mazare,soia.

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In atentia proprietarilor de caini.

Posted: 30 iulie 2014 by flaviusogor in american bulldog

Art.7 si Art.16(bold) din ORDINUL nr. 1 din 7 ianuarie 2014 pentru aprobarea Normelor privind identificarea şi înregistrarea câinilor cu stăpân.EMITENT: AUTORITATEA NAŢIONALĂ SANITARĂ VETERINARĂ ŞI PENTRU SIGURANŢA ALIMENTELOR .PUBLICAT ÎN: MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 31 din 15 ianuarie 2014.

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1.Why American Bulldog ?

American Bulldog because it is a breed with discernment, a sports race, a race that adapts the conditions offered by the owner, as long as the receiving love and affection.American Bulldog for that command respect only by the presence, without the need to prove its superiority. American Bulldog for courage and devotion, not knowing the limits here!
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1.De ce American Bulldog ?
Bulldogul american , pentru ca este o rasa cu discernamant , o rasa sportiva , o rasa ce se adapteaza imediat conditiilor oferite de stapan , atata timp cat primeste dragoste si afectiune . Bulldogul american pt ca impune respect doar prin prezenta , nefiind nevoie sa isi dovedeasca superioritatea . Bulldogul american pt curaj si devotament , aici necunoscand limite !!
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Temperamentul este reprezentat de caracteristicile psihice si mentale ale unui caine si modul in care acesta reactioneaza la influenta factorilor externi.

Temperamentul este o expresie a stucturii sistemului nervos a cainelui ,se mosteneste doar pe cale genetica,nu poate fi modificat sau inhibat in totalitate si pe termen lung (intreaga durata de viata a cainelui) avand un caracter permanent.Dresajul,conditiile de viata sau socializarea pot influenta temperamentul cainelui nostru pentru o perioada mai scurta sau mai lunga de timp,dar nu il pot modifica radical si permanent.
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Cand vorbim despre aprecierea frumusetii unui caine,in fapt,vorbim despre aprecierea sa atat din punct de vedere utilitar,cat si din punct de vedere al starii de sanatate.Exemplarul ideal este acel exemplar care poate indeplini cel mai bine sarcinile pentru care a fost creat o perioada cat mai lunga de timp.Un Pointer nu va face niciodata senzatie la vanatoarea de mistreti,asa cum o face un Deutsche Jagdterrier si nici la un examen de lucru pentru cainii ciobanesti sau de paza,cum de asemenea nici un bulldog nu va fi campion la cursele de caini in detrimentul unui Grayhound sau Whippet.Fiecare grupa de rase are o specialitate anume,cu caracteristici anatomice specifice care o fac apta de a indeplini anumite sarcini.
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When we are talking about a dog’s beauty appreciation , in fact,we are talking about his appreciation both in terms of utility, and health condition.The ideal specimen is that one that can best accomplish the tasks for which it was created as long time it is possible.A Pointer will never excel to wild boar hunting, as does a Deutsche Jagdterrier nor an exam for working herding dogs or guard dogs,as well no Bulldog will be a champion in dog racing in the expense of a Grayhound or Whippet.Each group of dog breeds has a particular specialty, with specific anatomical characteristics that make him able to perform certain tasks.
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Posted: 22 iunie 2014 by flaviusogor in american bulldog

Lipidele sunt esteri ai acizilor grasi cu rol energetic,structural,imuno protector,accelerator al metabolismului si ca substanta de rezerva.

Calitatea lipidelor este data de continutul acstora in acizi grasi esentiali acestia fiind impartiti in doua grupe : acizi grasi omega 3 si acizi grasi omega 6.Acesti acizi grasi esentiali trebuie sa fie prezenti in ratia cainelui nostru in cantitati specifice echilibrate datorita faptului ca organismul sau nu ii poate sintetiza si in concluzie necesarul trebuie acoperit prin hrana.

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