With great honor and joy from Decanibus interviews series: Today Interview with Mr.Végh Csaba,founder and owner of Backyard American Bulldog Kennel.

Posted: 6 februarie 2015 by flaviusogor in american bulldog

1. Why American Bulldog?
Looked for a not average behaved and looking dog.
2.What are the biggest challenges that your kennel must face ?

Actually only one thing: keep a good old spoiled age for our retired dogs. Haha. Seriously, we should get some new impulse for keeping it up! I heard from a member of our team who is a true and passionate working competitor, that they successes have taken only haters, however in the beginning it was supposed to be a great hobby, activity. Everybody must face of it!
3.What are the biggest mistakes that a beginner in this field can make ?

More on :http://www.decanibus.ro/blog/interview-with-mr-vegh-csabafounder-and-owner-of-backyard-kennel/

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