Let’s unite!

Posted: 17 Februarie 2008 by Dan Sabău in ambull, amerbull, american bulldog, contribuţii, info

Tom Sobek had an excellent ideea, and I an so thrilled I can’t wait to share it with you.

It seems a good ideea to offer a communication media for all the bulldoggers in Central and East Europe through this blog.
Of course it is really easy to have your own blog and it is a very good ideea.
What we are offering is a community. It is about keeping in touch, learning together and helping each other.
So, one don’t have to be an ASPBAR member to post on our blog as long as that one is observing the principles of a recongnized club, as HEABC for instance.
😀 Let’s be honest to be commrades is what we had to learn best in central and East Europe. 😀 😀 😀
So to publish your first post you should send it to my address: dan.c.sabau(at)gmail.com .
Then if you want the you can register at our blog.

  1. Szervaczius Robert spune:

    A very good ideea 🙂 Let’s Unite !!!:)

  2. Dan Sabău spune:

    It is could become o sort of bulldog press, not a message board or something similar, but a true, accesible, fresh bulldog press.
    Tom’s ideea is really great.

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