1. Szervaczius Robert spune:

    :dESTE OFICIAL!!!!!!!!Va asteptam cu drag pe toti !!!!

    Sper sa iasa un show pe cinste !!!!!!

  2. Hi,

    We invite you and your friends the 2008.04.25-27. ABNA-HEABC American Bulldog Show!
    More Infos you finde here: http://www.american-bulldog.hu

    Greetings HEABC-Hungary

  3. The Tamás and I are the organizers simply because Backyard quit because of this two people we were left over! But from this a show will be even better independent,bigger with a dog staff number, huge goblets and dog we will organize shows the show.I hope that you come very much onto Tokorcs 2008 ,because we marry you ( into Romania ) we will enter for approximately 10-15 dogs and 6 men would need accomodation! You come how many people and how many dogs you bring onto Tokorcs?

  4. Dan Sabău spune:

    Thank you for inviting us.
    As for us, we will contact you as soon as we know details about the number of dogs and people going there.
    We will post all the information needed at the roper time about accomodations for BullRoMania.

  5. OK!!! I say thank you for it and I wait for it your letter !

    Greetings HEABC-Hungary

  6. Dan Sabău spune:

    Thank you!
    So, we published your poster on our site, of course, I am sure you will do the same for us.
    After all those are both ABNA Shows, so would be strange to avoid mutual promotion.

  7. v8tom spune:

    Hi my friends! I am back after my little health problem. See you in Tokorcs where we must organize a HEABC meeting before of a betterment of communication between us. I have a good ideas. Tom

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