Puii lui Peanuts – A

Posted: 15 Septembrie 2007 by Dan Sabău in info, pictures, poze

Poze cu puii lui Peanuts:

  1. Greg Souza spune:

    Hello Dan,

    You finally put a picture up! When do we get to see the other puppies? Did you check the puppies to make sure that they don’t have vampire teeth, since you are so close to Transylvania?

    I hope they are doing well, looks like they are growing fast….


  2. dansabau spune:

    Hello Greg,
    As you know we breed for vampire teeth! 😀
    I will put pictures of them one by one as time go by.
    They do extraordinally well, Peanuts is a good mother. They grow faster then I ever seen and I used to breed Great Dane! That makes me anxious as I would rather prefer a constant growth.

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